Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fun with Faux Postage

I accessed my crafty side of the brain today, having a little fun with handmade postcards and pretend postage. Can you guess for which post box this is destined?
So much fun! But I spent all too much time browsing Michael's Art and Craft Store today! NOW what am I going to do with all these rubber stamps!!?

Update: As of Monday, 10:17 pm, this image was "Explored" on my Flickr photo stream with 4,738 views and 70 faves! Whoa!


  1. Postcards are such fun to make! Pretend is good. I could never send something so pretty in the mail and trust the Post Office not to ruin it.

    1. So right. I put them in a clear bag, seal it up and mail in postal envelope. This one goes to England, so I am biting my nails until I know it arrives safely!