Saturday, March 14, 2015

And for dessert we have........

And for dessert......
We have pie, of course! With all the talk of Pi Day being today, and the last date of its kind in a century, etc., etc., I unaccountably developed a sudden craving for pie. Evidently I have no resistance to subliminal suggestion.  

It was a close call. I seriously considered getting out my perfect pie crust recipe, the ingredients and my rolling pin. But then you saw how that went last Sunday with the pancakes.

So we got a Bakery pie instead. Labeled "Berry Envy Pie", it has raspberries, marionberries, aronia berries and blueberries. Berry good!

AND I just managed to sketch the French Lavender ice cream before it slid down the pie! You can see the ice cream pre-avalanche in the sketch and post-avalanche in the trophy photo.

This is the back page of my 2015 Sketchbook Project. I have one more sketch to do and then I can send it off!


  1. Oh, you made it looks so yummy!!! It is so hard to sketch and not resist eating your food...particularly if it looks as good as this. Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Joan! Yeah, it looks better than it tasted, but how was I to know that while I rushed to beat the ice cream flowing down the side of my pie! Oh, well. I got the initial perkiness of the scoops in the sketch anyway.