Sunday, March 8, 2015

aRT OR Breakfast

Anyone who has attempted sketching/painting and eating at the same time knows the struggle. The more you focus on your subject, the more delicious it looks and the hungrier you get! As if drawing and painting aren't enough of a challenge already!

Which is why I join Danny Gregory, author of "aRT Before Breakfast", in challenging all you Sunday painters to sketch what you had for breakfast today.

See the 15 second video progression on my Instagram. 
Where is my sketch of the pancakes, you ask? Wellllll, I was trying to select just the right shape of a partially eaten stack of pancakes and before I knew it they were gone! 

Thanks to all those who wrote to tell me that they thought I could have written the book, since so many familiar phrases rang a bell. Well, when it's true, it's true, right Danny? A tip of the beret to you, sir. :)


  1. A-ha! So the trick to sketching a meal is to do it while the meal is still only ingredients! ;-)

    - Tina

  2. LOL At least you were able to sketch the makings of the pancakes if not the pancakes themselves. I sketched my dinner the other night and posted it...hard to take the time to sketch when I was so hungry.

    1. :) I should have done the pancakes first! Who knew the ingredients would still be there after the pancakes were gone? I panicked.

  3. This is a beautiful painting, Michele! So delicate. I always enjoy email from you. Bobbie