Friday, March 27, 2015


Inside Cover of my 2015 Sketchbook Project
 "Not all those who wander are lost". That is one of my favorite statements.

For my 2015 Sketchbook Project, I decided to meander through my part of the Pacific Northwest, finding subjects either at home or within approximately an hour in any direction. Sometimes I sketched in my book with friends, including the Seattle and Anacortes Urban sketchers. Sometimes I sketched alone on our deck in the back yard, at the kitchen counter or the local public garden.

As you will see, the dates on each page are random, not placed chronologically from front to back. I simply chose the page that best fit my inspiration and used it that day. Wander through my book. You won't be lost while reading it but I trust you will be away for awhile.--Artist's Statement

This sketch sums up my experience of the whole project. I saved the front inside page until the end, so that I would have the whole book finished and I would know how to introduce it.

I'll be mailing my sketchbook off to New York tomorrow. Just in time for the extended, extended deadline, eh?


  1. Looks great! Will look forward to seeing it sometime!

  2. Love the cover!!! Now I really have to get my butt over to the Sketchbook Library in Brooklyn.

    1. Oh, I would love to have you visit my book, Joan! Please take a selfie of you and my book, opened to your favorite page. Others have done this, which makes me so happy, feeling as though I am there with you.