Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Melt

Original Watercolor on Paper

A few trees still wear the last shreds of their autumn leaves, the brief snowfall is melting off and the birds are very quiet today.


  1. Hi Michele! I like the "feeling" of "Snow Melt." You've used some darker colors and they work with the setting. It was interesting to see how you used different trees. I've always loved barns. I really like the composition. Smiles, Cindy

  2. Thank you, Cindy, for your comment.

    This one was all about the principle of "variation": soft, wet in wet vs rough or crisp hard edges, color vs "non color", tall vs. wide, linear vs atmospheric perspective; vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction and finally "man and nature" with the variety of buildings and trees. (See the figures near the horizon line under the blue roof?)

    It was a lot to attempt on such a small format, eh?

  3. Hi Michele! The "variation" was apparent to even my unskilled eyes! I had seen the two people in the painting. Their placement worked for me! I had thought about commenting on them but didn't. I was also aware of how you incorporated the roof colors into other areas. Thankyou for pointing out all the considerations you underwent in creating the painting. It helps to see what you have done. It is a lot to attempt! You did a wonderful job of incorporating it all. I had noticed the differing tree heights, widths, colorations, etc. right off. They caught my eye!! Smiles, Cindy