Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Snow 1

Original Watercolor on Paper

These two paintings come from memories of cross country skiing. Not too many people are out yet when the first meager snow falls. In the lower elevations, the last of the fall color vibrates in contrast to the cool, bright whiteness. This one is about the melted down quality of the snow a few hours after it first fell.

I enjoyed playing with various wet on wet, lifting and scraping techniques to show the contrast of dry, brittle leaves and soft new snow.

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  1. Hi Michele! You've got some vivid color going on with both "First Snow" paintings. I like the varied marks and strokes... I especially like the trees that have the snag/mossy-covered look. Smiles, Cindy

  2. Hi, Cindy,

    Glad you got to zoom into my vibrant colors and see the moss! I do enjoy your comments and look forward to them.

    Cross country skiing IS a beautiful way to appreciate the winter landscape. It's quiet, you go at the same pace you would if you were hiking, but you get to glide 8 times farther than if you just walked. The animals are not afraid, they are used to appreciative skiers.

    You could paint, but you would have to put a little rum in the water, or gin or vodka, to keep it from freezing. That's what Monet and the other guys used to do!