Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Bird

Original Watercolor on Paper

This wind and rainy weather is perfect for painting....indoors, that is!

I always feel in the mood to paint when the weather is like this, because that was my childhood "rainy day" activity.

This painting is from my new mini lesson on DVD. Learn to use red, yellow and blue to paint a "Snow Bird". There is live footage, as well as lots of photo references on the video for you to practice what you learn in the lesson.

Click here for more 20 minute lessons on DVD.


  1. Hi Michele! "Snow Bird" is very sweet. You make it look so easy to do; however, I know it is not! Things have been busy. My brushes and paints have been calling me, BUT...yes, THAT word, has been interfering. December 26th will be here soon! LOL Smiles, Cindy

  2. Hi, Cindy,

    Thank you for your comment regarding "Snow Bird".

    Yes, sometimes life interrupts while we're trying to paint...I've been away for a few days, too.......but you can always keep your "creative engine" in motion by reading, visiting galleries or watching art instruction videos. Then, when you do have the time, you will be ready to jump right in and start painting!