Friday, May 25, 2018

I Call It “The Unicycle “ of Watercolor

The unicycle of watercolor 
I call it the unicycle of watercolor because you can make ONE entire color WHEEL from a SINGLE  primary triad. It's minimal, takes a little skill to become expert with it but it will get you around any landscape or urban sketch with a minimum of extraneous baggage. And I RE-CYCLED my empty eyeshadow case!

1 empty eyeshadow case, washed and dried 
A sponge cut to fit the applicator tray*
Three primary watercolors:
  1. Phthalo Blue (RS) Daler-Rowney 
  2. Quinacridone Rose (M Graham)
  3. Permanent Lemon Deep (Holbein)

Mix your colors in the lid when travel sketching.
*Use the dampened sponge to clean your waterbrush between colors

I surprised my watercolor class this morning  by giving this away in a drawing. Congratulations to Joan for winning the drawing!


  1. It is amazing how much you can do with a triad.

    1. I agree, Joan. In fact sometimes I think it’s easier to work with the triad rather than dozens of colors.