Saturday, April 8, 2017

New YouTube Watercolor Tutorial

I was inspired by all the cherry trees in our neighborhood. They are just barely past their full bloom and the recent downpour of rain, hail and windy weather has already caused some of the blossoms to come sprinkling down
Naturally, I realized the emergency and got busy filming a video tutorial on how to paint a tree full of cherry blossoms in watercolor. I used the vibrant colors in the Prima Tropicals set. It's just freshly uploaded and you can see it right here!
Update: Uh oh, Saturday I tried using a feature on YouTube and now it deleted all but 5 minutes of my 14 minute video. Working on it! Sunday----Okay, Fixed!
How, you may ask did I come by all the lovely cherry blossoms in the video?
Since we haven't got a cherry tree of our own, I snipped a few branches off our star magnolia, also in bloom, and hustled over to offer our neighbors a trade!
I traded some branches of our star magnolia (r) for some of our neighbor's cherry blossoms!
Although I have this list in the description on the video, here are the (unsponsored) products I used:

Silver Black Velvet Voyager Travel Brush #6 round--squirrel and synthetic blend feels like sable
Richeson Grey Matters synthetic #12 round--made for plein air, non reflective ferrule

Fabriano Studio 140# CP, cut into 4x6" postcard size

Prima Tropicals Set
Two additional colors: Cobalt Blue, Manganese Blue (both Daniel Smith)

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