Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

Finally finished my two page spread to record the planting of our new serviceberry tree. It replaced a tree that came down this winter. Varieties of this  tree grow everywhere and are called by so many names. 

I sketched all but the berries on location. I have to wait for berries this summer. I hope we get some this year. I guess they're like blueberries but a bit drier.

PS I posted a 40 second video on Instagram sporting my new flower pen while drawing the Earth Day lettering. See it here. The pen was a lovely surprise gift from a friend. 


  1. Wonderful idea of something to sketch on Earth Day. Love the flower pen!

    1. Thank you! Joan. I assigned cherry blossoms to my classes last week and one of my students surprised me with the gift of a cherry blossom pen. I love such kind thoughtfulness.