Friday, December 4, 2015

Wooohooo! A package in the mail!

Using my new rubber stamp for the back of handmade postcards
Look what I got in the mail!
We have been doing some handmade postcards in the last series of my watercolor classes and someone knew what I was wishing for! Thank you so much, B. !

As you can see I have been going crazy with my new vintage postcard stamp all morning! These are some postcards that I have been getting ready for a giveaway on my Instagram soon. I am only taking a very brief break to share this with you!

Then back to practicing for my first live broadcast on Periscope! Download the free app today and get signed in so that you will get a notification when I upload my first broadcast!

PS. I like to choose my own watercolor paper so that I get the effect that I'm looking for, instead of just using the purchased  watercolor postcards.


  1. I've never seen a postcard fun!!! It is great to be able to stamp and use the paper you want. Have you ever actually mailed a postcard that you made? I've always been afraid the post office would ruin the design.

    1. Yes, Joan, I'm also concerned about what my postcard would look like if I sent it the usual way through the mail! So I slipped it into a 5 x 7 envelope and send it that way.