Thursday, May 7, 2015

EDiM 7 - An Envelope

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I have a packet of 6 "letters from Paris" by Carol Gillott of the fabulous blog "Paris Breakfasts". This one had a copy of her hand painted letter for May, with a scent paper from a lovely parfum enclosed and a beautiful business card from a Paris restaurant. All around the lower edge of the letter were lily of the valley watercolor florals .

When I first started following her blog, she was in love with macarons and made the most wonderful watercolors of them. Naturally, she had intense research to do. You really should paint what you know. Presently, she is having a whirl with caviar!


  1. I always loved getting letters and seeing the different envelopes and stamps that were attached. Somehow emails are not the same. lol

    1. So true, Joan. Same with E-books. Not the same experience. 😄