Thursday, May 28, 2015

EDim 28-A Yard Ornament or Statuary

I am using part of my summer vacation to catch up on some projects that got set aside during the last month of teaching weekly classes. So, although I sketched this today, I am belatedly posting the sketch for Day 28, May.
Is July 15 too late for EDM?
I just can't get over what a fabulous summer we are having. We have taken advantage of outdoor living, a rare thing in the PNW. This hand blown glass fountain sits in its own little pool between the garage and the studio side of the house. I can hear the sound of the water right outside my studio window. Today, I wanted to sketch a fountain, and all I had to do was walk out my own back door!


  1. Love your watercolor. What a wonderful water feature you have to enjoy with this warm summer we are having.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Aren't we just so fortunate to have such a wonderful summer this year!?