Monday, May 25, 2015

EDiM 25 - An apron or something you wear as cover during messy activities

Gary's Garden Gloves
Although there are a few aprons hanging on the easel in a corner of my studio, I was inspired by my husband's garden gloves. He needed to run back to the store for more gardening supplies, so I pulled up the garbage can as my temporary easel and sketched this. Just as I found it. It's a messy activity.

Update: I've been Explored! This is the third painting of mine that has been invited by Flickr to be included in the Explore Group!   I am honored. Over 2,556 views and counting!


  1. This is so much more interesting than an apron!

    1. Thank you, Joan. I guess Flickr thought so, too. Their algorithm based on "interestingness" picked this one to include in Explore!