Monday, November 10, 2014

Seattle sketcher, Gabriel Campanario, signed my books at Elliott Bay Books

I sketched while listening to Gabi recount anecdotes and inspirations for the book.
We were at Elliot Bay Books on Capital Hill in Seattle yesterday at 3pm on a cold, rainy afternoon to hear one of my favorite authors present his book, "Seattle Sketcher". It was both enlightening and entertaining to hear him speak about his inspirations and experiences. Gabi signed my book while his daughter held the pages open. (Since she is a minor, I cropped the photo for privacy.)
Thanks, Gabi, for signing my copies of your two titles!
My sketch page from Gabi's reading
Click to Zoom
As you see in the photo, I was pleased that I brought both the "Seattle Sketcher" book, produced by the Seattle Times from the MOHAI exhibit and Gabi's new one, "The Urban Sketching Handbook, Architecture and Cityscapes"  If you're in my fall classes, that's the one I have been recommending for you to take out sketching. Here's a list of titles by Gabi Campanario.
Check out Gabi's blog, Instagram and other social media for up to date information about signing dates. There's a new release by Campanario coming out soon for urban sketchers on People and Motion.

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