Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ATC or ACEO Tarts

I use a magnetic whiteboard to hold the tiny cards in place.

Dessert anyone? Is it tea time yet? These are the steps for your ATC or ACEO tarts:
#1. Go to your favorite bakery and purchase some fruit tarts. Or something else that you like that is equally yummy. 
#2. Use your .01 black Micron pen to draw them on 2.5 x 3.5" sized 140#CP watercolor paper. You can cut them yourself or buy them ready made.
#3. Use your artists' quality water colors to paint all the strawberries first, then the crusts. Once they are dry, then paint all the blueberries, then the cast shadows. Tips for painting the berries: Vary the colors and make sure to reserve the white paper for the top of the crust and shiny highlights.
Sign them, trade them, eat the tarts. Hmmm. May have to go back for the lemon ones. Oh! Did I say that out loud?

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