Monday, October 13, 2014

My day on the "Tea Deck" at Alexander Beach

Looking out over Burrows Bay
The owl "whooo" has no name and I sat on the "Tea Deck" at the home of friends of ASk on Alexander Beach today. First, I painted the boat with a bit of red paint left on it, pulled up on the near shore of Lake Chiquita. Then "who" should I paint next, but the wood carving of the owl. It was inherited with the house, so no one knows the story behind it. We sat together quietly for a while, just gazing at the beautiful view.
My sketch journal of the day's experience
Then came the ducks, reflections, the little aqua blue boat on the far shore of the lake and trees behind.
I finally went inside and was permitted to use the carving of a raven for my Inktober drawing of the day. See Instagram link in the right hand column to view more of my 31 ink drawings for October.

My chair on the tea deck, view of the "partly red" boat, and wooden owl sculpture

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