Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Busy Broadway Farmers' Market

Late Post from Sunday with Seattle USk.
The red brick plaza on the SE end of Seattle Central Community College began filling up with Seattle Urban Sketchers a little after 10 am. People from Mt Vernon to Issaquah joined the locals to sketch at the Broadway Neighborhood Farmers' Market. Summer produce gave way to harvest time crops like beets, French carrots, fennel, mushrooms, and freshly made artisan cheese, cider, cookies, pickles and jams.
My busy page reflects the lively and crowded market.
Samish Bay Cheese offered samples of "Arugula Ladysmith" with calendula blossoms and "Black Mambazo" an aged cheese with cocoa, chipotle and black pepper coating. I sampled Woodring's Black Currant Lemonade and fresh pressed cider. Chao Chang Garden just kept piling up the fresh fennel, flowers, beets and gigantic French carrots.

I think everyone came outdoors, knowing that this is probably the last beautiful fall day with sunshine for awhile. 
(I had an outing with the Anacortes Sketchers to post on Monday and my regular "Sunday Painters" feature for today, Sunday the 19th, so this is posted on Tuesday.)

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