Monday, October 20, 2014

Gordon's Skagit Farms with ASk

This is the second year and the third time I've been to Gordons. It requires at least an annual visit just to see what clever, inspirational and artistic way they are arranging their bounty of the season. (See my blogposts from last October to compare.)
I decided to make my drawing of the day for Inktober 2014. You make 31 ink drawings in 31 days and post them to your blog, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and tag them with #Inktober or #Inktober2014. I decided to post mine here and on my Instagram since I am quite pleased to have reached Day 20!
Doesn't this look like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top?
This is as far as I got with my color sketches of the day, since I was distracted by chefs arriving, hunting down sketchers for candid photos, misplacing my sketchbook, and various other feather headed things. I have to say, though, that I was enchanted by the way the pumpkins and gourds were stacked up like wedding cakes or the best 6-scoop gelati from Florence.

See more about today's outing on the Anacortes Sketchers Blog.

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