Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Painters Origami Project

Origami Business Card Holder
It seems like I never have my business cards with me when I'm out painting or sketching. I have a whole box of business cards in the studio at home, but I need something to carry a few. So I end up grabbing some, putting a rubber band around them and stuffing them into my bag. Usually, the ones on the outside get ruined, or the rubber band breaks and they all get mixed up with other things in the bottom of the bag. Waste!
I have purchased those plastic holders before, but I need one for every bag I have. There must be some way that I can create my own unlimited supply of card holders without special scissors, glue or fasteners. The answer? Origami!

Oh, I know! You hear the word "origami" and your eyes roll back into your head, drool starts from the corner of your mouth and you feel like eating a whole box of chocolates.

Maybe you should have a cup of tea first, just to calm you down.
Follow the EASY directions here and you will be excited about accomplishing the simplest and easiest project you've ever done.
See? Even I can do it!

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