Thursday, July 10, 2014

Speaking of Urban Figures

Speaking of urban figures, at least two of my Seattle students visited the Sketchbook Project Tour on its first day at the downtown Seattle Public Library. I got a fabulous report from Susie Rogers, who was there with Jean. She even made a sketch! These are her sketches.
Sketches by Susie Rogers
Here's an excerpt of  her report:

Hi Michele!  Jean and I went to the Sketchbook Project today. It was their first day of using a new computer system for checking out the books and they were having some trouble. It will be helpful if you bring a copy of your sketchbook's UPC code with you.

We saw lots of fun sketchbooks and I wish that we had more time to browse. They had to shut down early at three because of their location on 4th avenue. We went to the "lecture" which was held at 1pm on the 4th floor.  . . .they did give us $10 gift certificates to Daniel Smith!
Jean and I did a little sketching afterwards and a library employee came by and took a photo of me sketching the mobile library to use on their Twitter feed.  Ha!
The heat wasn't bad at all, since it's pretty shady downtown.  We got down there around 12:45 and left at 3.  There were quite a few people, but according to an Urban Sketcher that we met, their whole group is coming tomorrow after they sketch at Pike Place Market- so it might be more crowded!  The library could have brought out more tables and chairs- they just had one!  I didn't realize that the food truck was a special addition for this event.  We already ate lunch before we left.

Have fun tomorrow!

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