Thursday, February 28, 2008

Melon, Grapes and Plums with Shadows

Original Watercolor on Paper
10"x 18"

All done. I've erased most of the pencil marks in this one to keep the high chroma from looking dingy.

What is a Finished Painting?
My personal take on the amount of "finish" in any particular painting is to bring back the experience of being in the presence of the subject. That means using the human visual experience: where we focus on an area of the subject and leave it for a moment, choosing a few other places to look, then return to our main interest. Everything else is incidental, non-focused and merely remembered in the context of the whole experience.

I understand and appreciate work that is "super real", in other words, beyond realism. It just so happens not to be my way of interpreting what I see.

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  1. Very nice and juicy. Mine turned out stiff and formal.