Friday, February 8, 2008

Plum tomatoes and shadows

From the sketchbook

A split compememtary color scheme.


  1. Hi Michele! What colors did you use for this split compliment? I couldn't quite tell if you used orange or red or something else? I'm getting the color wheel down a lot better, but still foggy about it at times! HAHA! My house is lacking in objects with color so I'm still a bit puzzled about what to paint. Smiles, Cindy

  2. Hi, Cindy,

    I used a split complement of yellow-orange/red-orange with blue/blue-violet. (I pushed it a little)

    To paint the shadows, I used ultramarine blue and cobalt violet. For the tomatoes I used cadmium red, winsor red, cadmium orange and cobalt violet. Quite a lot of paint for two measly tomatoes, eh?

    Well, if your house is lacking in objects with color, a trip to the produce section at the grocery store usually solves the problem....AND you can eat the still life when you're finished painting! Shelf life of your subject encourages a faster working pace, too. Smiles, Michele