Monday, March 3, 2008

Homer Exhibition at AIC

The Art Institute of Chicago is hosting an exhibition of 130 watercolors by Winslow Homer. Attend, by all means, but if you are unable to go, they have a fantastic overview of the exhibit online at

Do you know exactly where his permanent studio at Prout's Neck is located? See the menu on the upper right side of that page and click "Behind the Scene" for photos of his palette and brushes, videos of basic watercolor techniques with related artwork by Homer, his locations and much more!

My two favorite painters are John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. Who are yours?


  1. Michelle
    My favorite is Monet, but I confess to not knowing all the artists. I would really like to take some art history. Especially, impressionistic painters. Hope you are feeling better this week.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Carol. Yes, I am slowly getting better. By the looks of the national "Flu Map" I am by no means the only one and I empathize with all the rest of you who are dealing with this year's flu bug.

    Art history is the way we connect with other artists who have gone before us. What a privilege to have their work, their studios, their tools and their letters to guide us in our version of the same journey!

    When you connect with another painter because you "get" their work, the best thing to do is to study their life and how they reached their painting goals. This is sure to resonate with your art ideas and help you along your path to better painting.

  3. I like sargeant best, but Homer will mean much more to me now, thanks to you Michele! Barb

  4. I love that crafty master of design Cezanne and Rubens for his compelling faces.

  5. Carol, I, too, enjoy Monet's work.

    It was a privilege to paint in his garden and stay at the home that he had given to his step daughter as a wedding present. The driveway where we parked in front of the property is an unpaved road in the painting "Advance of the Wedding Party."

    They still have his little green rowboat and use it in the lily pond as he did to care for the lilies.