Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Try Prompts from Another October Challenge

This Doodlewash art challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate with watercolor painting and/or simply pencil or pen and ink drawings as well!*
*Participating in Inktober 2018? Awesome! Then simply add the tag #doodlewashOctober2018 as well when you post and share what you make with us!

Oh, the temptation! It was so hard to do this in black and white instead of the fall colors that I wanted to use! I saw these autumn leaves floating in our pond and it seemed so tranquil.......until they started sinking while I was sketching them!


  1. I like this list of prompts better than Inktober's... these are all nouns! Those abstract Inktober concepts are too deep for my shallow pea brain. ;-)

    - Tina

    1. I agree, about the prompts being easier to interpret. You have the opposite of a pea brain, whatever that may be, however. 🤓