Tuesday, July 31, 2018

World watercolor month is a wrap

I’ve been working on both series of prompts for July
For the final day of World Watercolor Month and the Firefly Watercolor Challenge I want an image that will help cool us down from the current heat wave we're experiencing.

I remember fishing in the Tumwater River near Wenatchee with my parents, cooling down by walking barefoot in the cold water. You had to watch your step because the round rocks were slippery. My sister and I were always disappointed when we took our pretty rocks out of our pockets at home and they had changed from shiny jewels to dull grey stones.

"River Rocks" I learned a lot from books and videos by Tony Couch
FireflyWatercolorChallenge Day 31: You Did It!
“Watercolor: you can do it!” — Tony Couch. Congratulations! You’ve done it! Our 31-day watercolor challenge is complete, and you’ve proven your creative skill and dedication to your craft. Let us know what you plan to paint next.

What’s next? I think I’ll take the little peg man for a walk with my sketchbook around Portugal and extend my virtual vacation. They have tuktuks there now, an added convenience since we were there last. 

Worldwatercolormonth - Celebration of color on Doodlewash.com prompts
I’m celebrating complimentary color, value and chroma. This time a real watercolor, not an illustration or a sketch. 

Stay tuned for all 31 watercolors in one post. 


  1. Nice job on the rocks and congrats on finishing the challenge!

    1. Thanks very much, Joan. I had to keep busy in July to keep my mind off what I was missing while you were sketching your heart out in Porto. Fortunately, I can live vicariously through your blog!