Sunday, July 8, 2018

For the a good way!

Circumstances prevented me from sketching with USk Seattle this morning. It was a perfect location and perfect summer weather. There is a saying, "It's for the birds!", meaning completely undesirable. That's how I felt about having to stay home and missing out on one of my very favorite activities.

This morning, I painted the bird bath in my garden as a nod to some of my sketch buddies who are at the Georgetown Garden Walk

Wait, birds? I remembered the time a Stellar's Jay recently took a bath in our pond....and I captured it on video. Good thing, because I tried to lure it back, but was unsuccessful. No problem. I just watched my video about a gazillion times and painted from that.
Bird Bathing
I have two challenges in mind to which I owe a few more entries: 30x30DirectWatercolor2018 for last month and MomentSketchers. Happily, both my pieces for the weekend fit the rules. See links for more.

Bird Bath
I painted both of these small direct watercolors on the same page of my Kilimanjaro Paint Book. They were done on location, except for the bird video, with no preliminary drawing.

I'm almost there as far as the 30x30 challenge goes. Four more paintings to fill the entire calendar of June. I will post the whole month in an upcoming article. So stay tuned!

Hey! Today's World Watercolor Month prompt is flying things! So three in one blow!
Oh yeah, then the bird bathing one fits the prompt for Day 7 - spattering - on the #fireflywatercolorchallenge list. So today, watercolor, tomorrow the world!

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