Saturday, January 13, 2018

Abandoned Art #2 in Hawai’i

Not always, but sometimes I take along a little extra surprise in my sketchbag when I’m on my way to meet up with fellow urban sketchers. Today I decided to abandon this original 5x7” watercolor at the Honolulu Fire Museum while spending the early afternoon sketching with USK O’ahu and my two granddaughters.
Here’s what happened: A visiting sketcher from Australia was working on her sketch of Engine #6 when she spied something on the driver seat!
Averill from Australia found it while sketching the fire engine!
Here’s phow I do it:

  1. Choose a piece of art, original or print, to abandon. Tag it and wrap it.
  2. Post a photo and details of where this will happen on my Instagram feed (follow me to get the latest notifications)
  3. Post a photo on FB Art Abandonment Group page.
  4. Place the free artwork for someone to find, but don’t get caught!
  5. Post a photo of the abandoned art as a hint for the finder, whoever they may be. (Sometimes if a fellow sketcher finds it, they will surprise me by letting me know of their find! Three times the fun!)

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