Monday, January 8, 2018

A Familiar Scenario

Yesterday my husband and I went to Sandy Beach, Oahu, for a little wave watching and for me to do a bit of sketching.
I love sketching on location with line and wash watercolor whether on vacation or just around my neighborhood.  We had beach chairs,  sunscreen and my little travel sketch kit. Then the tropical winter ensued. So even though it’s 76°F on O’ahu, I had to resort to sketching from the mobile studio. (Hmmmph. Seems very familiar to sketching at home.)
Taking advantage of the sunny intervals even though the wind was blowing sand in my eyes.

However, every 15 minutes or so the weather would alternate between bright sunshine and rain squalls. My husband dashed in and out of the car with his beach chair while I sketched in the “mobile studio”, alternately rolling the windows up and down, wipers on and adjusting the AC.

Just as I would step out of the car to fine tune my sketch, another squall would blow up. The salty rain spatter on my preliminary ink sketch didn’t seem to affect the  successive watercolor washes other than to retard the drying time a bit.

Still, it was warm rain and the sun came out eventually. And everything wasn’t gray. 

It was amusing to watch the people with the red umbrellas start out with the pole fully extended, chase the umbrella down the beach three times and finally crouch under it like turtles under a shell.


  1. Sketching on location can be so interesting. I've had the defogger and wipers on many times so I could see what I was sketching. lol Nice job!

    1. I can totally identify! We just don’t have the freezing temperatures you do unless we take a day in the mountains. Thanks for your kind words, Joan.