Monday, November 6, 2017

TA DA! Finished 31 drawings, ink and watercolor in 31 Days, Inktober 2017

So, initially, I thought I would interpret "Mask", the prompt for the last day of Inktober, with a drawing of my masking fluid collection. I left it too late on Oct. 31 to post before midnight, so the pressure was off.

Life continued to interrupt until after having visited the Seattle Art Museum and the Andrew Wyeth Retrospective Exhibit; I glanced over at the light on this old abandoned house this afternoon. Filtered through my recent experience of Wyeth's metaphor, it seemed as though the house was looking out through mask-like windows at the world passing it by. In a way, the exterior of a house masks from the outside world the lives that are lived inside. Sometimes, we get a glimpse through the windows, but in this case all their secrets have disappeared along with those who formerly lived here.
Mask-Day 31
Inktober Days 24-31. See my Instagram feed for "United"-Day 29
Ship, Squeak, Climb, Fall
I couldn't resist giving an Acme Sketch Kit to the sketcher out on the precipice. :)
I love the soft, filtered light that comes through the pleated fabric blinds in our bedroom.
From my reading chair. Day 24. Coziest, most comfortable sketching spot yet!
And that's a wrap until next Inktober! Thanks for the inspiration, Jake!

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