Thursday, November 9, 2017

Painting the last of the Autumn Leaves

Here are the amazing leaves that my students painted in class today.
Congratulations, Margo L!
Not only did Margo's concentrated effort yield great results with her class project, she found my abandoned art for the day! See my countdown to #USKGlobal24hrSketchwalk
Margo allowed me to add a few autumn colors to the abandoned art she found in the gallery this morning.
Two days down and two to go with my Abandoned Art Project. Where will tomorrow's piece be hidden? Who will find it?


  1. Those leaves are lovely! I'm surprised you found that many still looking good. All the ones I'm seeing are pretty soggy and brown now. Hey, why don't you come hide one of those little paintings here in Seattle. And tell me where. ;-)

    - Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina, I'm proud of the way my students brought the leaves to life!

      Hehe, I may just do that....hide a painting or two in Seattle. ☺️

  2. They have really captured the colors of autumn nicely! I love that one of them found your hidden painting.

    1. Thank you, Joan, for your thoughtful comments. It's quite fun to watch someone make a delightful discovery!