Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Faux leather roll up case for watercolor sketch kit

Thinking of going on a nature walk in the crisp fall air or the shady forest canopy in summer? Why not take your watercolor sketch kit along?
This faux leather roll up case will hold:
  • A waterbrush that carries its own water in the handle
  • A disposable fountain pen with water soluble ink
  • A wee four color DIY watercolor set in a mint tin
  • A #2 mechanical pencil,  .7 mm
  • A Sharpie waterproof  fine point grip pen
  • A folded blue paper shop towel
*Travel kits available only for registered students at the October 7,8 and 9  North Cascades Fall Getaway Workshop  and the June 16, 17 and 18th North Cascades Summer Workshop. Not available through mail order. I will deliver your order at the workshop on the first day.
Please contact me to order.

*Travel Kit Options
  1. Basic Kit includes: 1 canvas or faux leather roll up case, 1  #2 mechanical pencil, .7 mm, and 1 Sharpie waterproof fine point grip pen
  2. Basic Kit plus one handmade 4-color watercolor tin
  3. Basic Kit, 4-color watercolor tin, plus one disposable fountain pen (water soluble ink)
*Important: Any other items in the photo are display only and not included.(i.e. Leaves, water brush, easel)

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