Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Workshop Photos

It's been the busiest summer I've had in a long time! I'm finally able to begin catching up on correspondence and share a few of my art adventures with you.

Here's an overview of a day at one of my Urban Sketching Workshops at Skagit Valley College this summer. What a great day we had, sketching out there together! 

Class ScheduleDay 1, Saturday 

Intro, handouts
2 take home sketchbooks, fold and cut
Practice sketching indoors, outside on campus
11:05 bus to Skagit Station-sketching on bus
Walk to Tri-Dee (use mid-day break to pick up any materials you might need)

Group Photo taken next to the mural at Tri-Dee
Farmers Market Lunch and Demo 12:00-1:30
Class paint until 2:30
Share sketchbooks
Ink wash demo 
Return bus sketching 
Share sketchbooks


  1. I thought you got lost, Michele. Glad to see some of what you were doing. I'm traveling too, but have kept up posting from here in Venice. Will be back to follow your adventures.

    1. Hi, Joan! No, not lost, just wandering across the pond and in Canada. So exciting to read your adventures in Venice! I'm enjoying all your Italian sketches so much.