Friday, June 17, 2016

A Nature walk may include lightning!

It started out under the freeway by the sewage treatment plant and right across the river from the railroad yard. A dream come true, you say? But wait! There's more! Meanwhile, here are my results from our nature walk this afternoon. Catching up with Day 28 in my EDIM Sketchbook.
We went on a nature walk to Spencer Island today. The clouds grew darker, the wind came up. We stopped at Langus park nearby, where I laid out my collection on the picnic table to sketch. The wind blew them off the table twice. As we retreated to the car, we saw lightning strike in the sky behind the bridge. Sketches finished on the counter at home!


  1. Gotta be careful out there! Sketching can be dangerous! Nice sketch of your nature collection.

    1. Thanks, Joan! Gotta be tough to sketch in nature! Lol. Well, at least I don't have to shovel my way out of the snowbound house like you do! I think you should get a "super Sketcher" badge for that!