Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finally did a new Periscope today!

My goal this week is to fill in all the blank sketchbook pages that I missed in the Every Day in May challenge. Yes, I do realize that we are halfway through June already.  The time/space continuum cracked and I fell through......but I'm back!
My finished sketch from the live demo today. 

So in a huge multitasking effort I
1. did a new Periscope broadcast (see replay if you missed it)
2. while showing a DIY pen hack
3. while drawing an EDM sketch that I missed on 5-18-16
4. while chatting a bit and catching up with art friends.

All during lunch hour today!

So if I stay in this dimension/universe, I will be doing more live art scopes, more often but shorter ones, while catching up with my sketchbook.

Thank you so much everyone who watched live! I missed you, too! Thank you for watching the replay if you missed it live.

Let me know here or on Instagram what time works for you and I will try to plug in some of those extra Periscopes just for you.

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  1. Love the sketch!!! Glad you are continuing to finish the EDM challenges.