Sunday, May 1, 2016

EDM Day 1

I have accepted the "Every Day in May" challenge to draw something each day from now to the end of the month. 31 drawings in 31 days. I will post them on my Flickr Photostream here.
This plastic bath toy floats on his back and flutters his feet when you wind him up. All our grandchildren have played in the bath with this little swimmer.


  1. He's so cute! I'm doing EDM too. It is a nice way to keep myself sketching. I'm just catching up on a lot of posts that I missed recently. My FIL was sick and passed away so I haven't had much free time to blog hop lately. Hope my time is my own soon.

    1. Joan, I am so sorry to hear your sad news about your FIL.

      Glad that you're catching up, though. I will go see your EDM sketches right away!