Monday, January 12, 2015

Around the World Blog Hop-Three Creative People You Won't Want to Miss

Sailing our own seas-watercolor by Michele Cooper

It's already tomorrow in Australia, so I'm posting this verrrry early this morning. It's going to be such a pleasure for you when you hop on over to the blog posts of these three creative people:

Juliette Plisson, of,  is a correspondent for USk France. She lives in Paris, France and spends her vacations on an island called Noirmoutier. Juliette and I met on Instagram while we were both trying to keep up with friends who were attending the 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium in Paraty, Brazil, this past summer. We exchanged a few conversations online and have been viewing each other's blogs, Flickr feeds and IG accounts ever since. I am sure you will agree that Juliette has produced some beautiful sketches (see her Instagram here) with expressive line, beautiful watercolor and just the right amount of white space.

MMFXRofe, who describes himself as  Shabby wanderer, stumbling thinker... Founder of the #postcardartgroup. His recent watercolor studies of Britain's dusk, dawn and evening skies remind me of the musical compositions of Claude Debussy, Clair de Lune being particularly apropos. See them here on his Instagram.
MMFXRofe is in the process of making a new website and blog. I will update this post with a link as soon as it is launched. If for any reason his blog isn't ready yet, I will host a guest spot for him here on my blog on Monday, Jan. 12.
Update: The new blog is up!

Suzi Poland of Vignettes de la Vie. Suzi is one of the most accomplished persons I have ever come to know. Again, we recently met on Suzi's Instagram, through her #coffeeosophy tag. Unknowingly, I plunked a sketch of a cow spotted coffee stand right in the middle of her beautiful black and white cappuccino sketches. I apologized for my error, was forgiven, and gained a new, gracious friend. If she ever comes to the Pacific NW, we are going to go out and sketch that coffee stand together. Swim on over to Suzi's blog for a peek and then make sure to see how she will answer the four questions on Jan 12. I say swim, because it's summer where Suzi is in Australia right now and she's got a few great swimming spots to share with you.

I was invited by Tina Koyama, a lovely and talented sketcher and writer. In turn, I invited the three listed above. See my hop stop in this global series if you haven't already, then follow back to Tina's and Joan's. 


  1. Michele, I followed your links to the 3 artist you nominate and they are just wonderful! Each one is so interesting that I know I will be forced to go back and visit them again. Thanks for such great links!

    1. You're welcome, Joan. I have Tina Koyama and you to thank for introducing me to similarly talented people. Glad I met you here. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on, too. :)