Sunday, December 28, 2014

How I became a Correspondent for Seattle Urban Sketchers

Looking across Livingston Bay toward Marysville. 
Drawing, painting and anything to do with art has always been my passion. I love sharing my discoveries and have taught adult watercolor classes from Bellingham and Anacortes to Kirkland, Camano Island and Seattle since 1979. I am a contributing author to two publications printed by Northlight Books, "The Ultimate Guide to Painting from Photographs" and Gary Greene's "Artists' Photo Reference". Funny, eh?, for a person who prefers sketching on location!
Cap Sante with Anacores Sketchers

Last summer I decided to take a break from teaching classes and workshops to recharge my creative batteries. I met with the Anacortes Sketchers on Mondays. I wandered alone at will, sketching and painting in and out of the studio.

Little did I know how the summer would change on June 28 by treating myself to an urban sketchers workshop cosponsored by USk Seattle and SAM.

Busy Market Day on Broadway, Capital Hill, Seattle. 
 was looking for sketching companions and found so much more. It was great to be a student for once, letting Frank, Gail and Gabi guide me through my old familiar haunts at Pike Place Market, seeing their ways of interpreting the sights, sounds and action. Ever since then I have met weekly with  the Friday sketchers as well as on a Sunday or two with the Seattle urban sketchers.

I am honored to have been invited to be a correspondent for the Urban Sketchers Seattle blog. They put the right words to my journey, "seeing the world, one drawing at a time". I look forward to sharing my stories with you and the sketches that illustrate them.


  1. Michele, I'm here peeking in following the link from Tina Koyama's blog. Tina did her post after I invited her to join the Blog Hop. After here description of your work I had to come over for a preview before next Monday. Your sketches are really lovely...chock full of information and beautiful details. I will come back in the next few days to explore more.

    1. Joan, I've noticed your comments now and then on Tina's blog. I, too, took a look at your blog and I have to say that I am amazed at how much we have in common! Painting and sketching in the car is THE way to keep the sketchbooks going. I like your work too, so I can see us crisscrossing the internet from now on, getting to know one another! :)

    2. Michele, I am going to list you under my "links" on my blog so I can come and visit often. If I didn't paint and sketch from the car in the winter I guess I would have to clear off my kitchen table a bit more often so I could paint. lol