Monday, December 1, 2014

Deception Distillery in Anacortes

Today I joined the Anacortes sketchers at the Deception Distillery in Anacortes. We got a tour of the distillery and adjoining barrel room as well as the warehouse full of beautiful marble slabs.
These barrels are empty, waiting for a new batch of moonshine. The mystery object was discovered to be Roy's missing jet ski.
Although it was an icy cold day and the warehouse wasn't much warmer, I just had to stay out there and  sketch the barrels above me in the attic.
Empty barrels in the attic
Unaged whiskey is called moonshine
The hammered copper kettle with its pear shaped helmet and two steam columns looked like a beautiful polished musical instrument. The staff nicknamed the still Jeannie, since it reminds them of the bottle from which a Genie appeared in fables.

Paul, our host and guide, offered a taste of the Apple Pie and Blueberry Apple Pie spirits or the gin. Needless to say, we all stayed cozy and warm while sketching in the elegant tasting room!

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