Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yarka Field Easel

Here is my Yarka medium size field easel, purchased in the 1990's. It fits in my medium size suitcase as well as being light enough to carry with the shoulder strap. I regret to say that it is not widely available now. That's a shame, because it is the only box type easel with aluminum legs, except for the new one with four legs by Cheap Joe. This makes it strong but lighter to carry and the legs don't wick up moisture while standing in the damp ground. Click the image to zoom in for details.

I have a Julian French easel, which is heavier with wooden legs. I used it in the tulip fields and once the legs got so swollen with moisture that I couldn't turn the wing nuts. So I closed up the top and drove down the freeway with the easel legs sticking up in the back of my car. It looked almost as if I had brought back a dead animal in full rigor!


  1. Hello Michele,
    I really enjoy your blog and your paintings. Thank you for sharing !
    I saw in a earlier post that you have a Yarka easel. Do you know where I could purchase one ? Or even buy a old one from you ? I live in the US.
    Thank you !

  2. Thank you, Antonin, for your kind words and for viewing my work.

    Sorry, but I have not seen any of the Yarka field easels for sale since the '80's. Too bad, because it is just the right size and weight and designed so well. I use mine all the time and couldn't part with it. Keep checking EBay and Craig's list and maybe you'll find one.