Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sucrets Compact Pocket Palette

This compact travel set will fit in your pocket, fanny pack or handbag. It's about the size of a digital camera case.
It consists of:
  • Small plastic accordion folder, like the ones used for coupons or index cards
  • It holds a dozen pieces of watercolor paper cut to fit
On the far right, from top to bottom:
  • I have a clip to hold loose papers together while painting
  • A travel bottle that allows you to use a little or a lot of water at a time
  • The Sucrets box is deeper than the Altoids one, so it can hold a travel brush, bottle cap for water, sponge, pencil, eraser, etc.
  • A business card size diagram of the colors and their names. Fits in an inside card pocket.
  • Use Sculpey or watercolor pans to arrange colors in the Sucrets tin as you would in the Altoids tin. See here or here for description

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