Friday, September 25, 2009

Field Kit Lite

This is the "lite" version of my field kit for painting watercolors. Click image for larger picture. I used this almost exclusively this summer from August-September.

The easel is an Anderson Travel Easel that has its own quiver-style carrier case. It has quick release, telescoping legs, and adjustable tray-support with little hinged arms that hold your brushes (see the right side) and painting knives. (I use the easel left arm to hold my Yarka palette if I'm not holding the palette on my arm.) The Velcro strap is permanently attached, so it holds my water container.

The board is gator board (16x22") and I stack two or three half sheets of watercolor paper on it, then clamp all together with four large Boston clips (Bulldog clips)

The water container is from Daniel Smith, Inc. It collapses down to a flat disc for easy transport when empty and has a ridged handle to keep it from sliding sideways on the holding strap. I squeeze out my sponges and store them in the flattened container.

The black bag on the ground is a waterproof rain gear "yoga bag" with one shoulder strap, a top zipper and a long back zipper. It has two small zip pockets and a long elasticized pocket on the front.

I will take a photo of the bag and its contents for the next post, so you can see how it all fits easily. Please let me know if there is anything else I should add to this description.


  1. Michele,
    I have enjoyed seeing your paintings. It was really awesome to get the last one describing the things you use for painting on site. This is something I really want to know because I like doing it, but all the stuff you need becomes cumbersome. Thanks!Caren G.

  2. Hi Michele! Thankyou for sharing how to travel light with the class. I was wondering who makes the "yoga" bag you pack for plein air painting. I want to prepare for outdoor painting in the future. Smiles, Cindy

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your comments and appreciation.

    Several people have asked for the manufacturer of my "yoga bag." I got this one over 10 years ago and don't see a label anywhere. However, the Ameribag company makes similar, even nicer totes that would be great. Mine is waterproof nylon fabric.

    Here's a link:
    to order online. I like the totes, because they are large enough to hold my Kilimanjaro watercolor book. I have seen some at Walmart, too, which also sells theirs online.