Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outdoor Kit Contents

1. Windbreaker, portable easel and "healthy back" bag. The Anderson Easel is portable and has its own case. My "yoga" bag carries everything else and has a single strap. The windbreaker can be stuffed into its own pocket, making a small 5"x5" zipped up packet, which fits inside the bag, too.

2. Front pockets of my bag hold: sunscreen & insect repellent, bottled water, hand sanitizer, travel size band-aids, facial tissues.

I wear a hat and sunglasses and carry my car keys, ID and cell phone in my jeans pockets or jacket. My camera is either in my hand, on its strap on my other shoulder or inside the bag.

3. Inside bag main compartment: Spiral bound Cheap Joe's Kilimanjaro 9x12" Paintbook (every other page is 70# watercolor paper and sketch paper) A large bulldog clip keeps the wind from opening the pages.

Ziplock bag containing Daniel Smith collapsible water container/sponges, Yarka St Petersburg original set of 24 colors (holds a pencil, rigger, #8 round wc. brush and 1" flat aquarel brush inside), two blue paper towels/folded, X-acto blades, and old credit card for scraping.

Five Star stand up pencil case containing: kneaded eraser, set of drawing pencils, pencil sharpener, business cards, Berol Prismacolor pens for sketching and pen/small sticky note pad for leaving messages on the car for fellow painters.

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