Sunday, December 25, 2022

Free Zoom—Sketch and Paint Watercolors — December 28


Join us Dec. 28, 2022 at 6:30pm PST

Ready to have a fun hour with other creatives painting watercolor? We had a great time last month so let’s do it again! Live online and interactive. Free.

Join me as the days get a little bit longer this Wednesday, Dec 28 at 6:30pm PST

Paint along, ask questions about watercolor materials, methods, etc. Get some unique tips and hacks from experienced artists.

Message me on my Instagram/Facebook or email me ( with YOUR NAME AND EMAIL to get free access to our live interactive watercolor tutorial on Zoom.

You may leave the comment, “Sketch and paint, yes!” if I already have your email address and I will send you the details and links.

What’s your favorite water soluble pen/ink?

What’s next?

After I get your name and email address, I will send you the Zoom link for Wednesday, 6:30pm PST

You will need:

A stable Wi-Fi connection 

A laptop with webcam, tablet or smart phone

Optional: AirPods, headset

About 5 minutes early on Wednesday, you may join the free Zoom meeting. I will let you in from the waiting room. Make sure your video is on and your audio is off until you want to speak. Smile and wave to greet your art friends. Text where you’re from in the Chat.

For approximately the next hour:

  1. Enjoy the demonstration by Michele
  2. Paint along (have paper, paint, brushes and water ready)
  3. Ask questions about watercolor
  4. Try using a water brush. Pentel Japan Aquash Water-Brush set of 3 types
If you want to paint along you will need:
Two pieces of paper, one mixed media and one 140# CP watercolor 
Water soluble  Ink—either a fountain pen, dip pen, or office type pen
Watercolor paints and brushes (see #4 above)

Just use what you already have. Here are some options. 

My Instagram 

My Facebook page 

Can’t wait to see you Wednesday!

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