Thursday, October 31, 2019

inktober 2019, Day 22-31

Dark, coat, ride

I wanted to play with three values: dark, medium and light. For dark, I have Noodlers ink “Dark Matter”. The eggplant is often darkest in a still life, but this time it’s the middle value with the lemon being lighter.

Rolling on a second coat of paint.

Toys R Us used to carry this vintage wooden Radio Flyer Scooter but the lettering was more like children’s printing.

Injured, Catch, Ripe
I just had to draw one of the fishmongers at Pike Place Market catching a “flying” fish.

I don’t know about you but I have the hardest time judging the right time to open an avocado.

Yay! Finished!

My personal time has been very limited this month. Although I knew that I would probably have to play a game of catch up this time and post late for much of this year’s Inktober, I love the challenge of daily sketching and the way Inktober generates involvement around the world. How could I resist? So here I am posting my last six drawings with one page left at the back of my sketchbook.

Thanks again, Jake, for another set of inspirational prompts.


  1. Oooh...this was fun! I enjoyed catching up on all the more recent Inktober sketches in the last few posts. Congrats on finishing!!! I admire that you were able to use the prompts. I find that much too difficult. lol

    1. Thanks, Joan. I admire the fully composed landscapes and village scenes that you’ve been doing. I went pretty minimal on a lot of these.

  2. I'm with Joan... I couldn't do the prompts, either. Bravo to you for doing them all!

    1. Thanks, Tina. There were a few prompts where I really had to convince myself to go with the actual word of the day. You know how we artists like to go our own way!