Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Perfect Little Vase, Hellebores and Gel Pen Sprouts

I went out to the garden this morning to cut fresh Hellebores for my lovely new antique vase. It was given to me by a dear friend and is the perfect size for my desk in the studio. Who knew that this small task would lead to another surprising discovery in my garden?
Helllebores blooming and Gel Pen Sprouts
I was reaching for a few blossoms to put in my new vase, when a spot of yellow, spring green and orange caught my eye. The Gel Pen Sprouts were already up! The orange one was no doubt dug up earlier  by squirrels, but I could see that the clip was already fully developed.
Fresh Gel Pen Sprouts, cleaned and ready to use.

I love the way these pale green and white hellebores go so perfectly with my new little vase.


  1. I have lots of dried up pens. I wonder if I plant them like seeds, if they will sprout. Hmmm...

    1. Yes, but the timing is crucial. Zoom in on the orange pen. See the little seeds separating from the ink supply? If you fall to remove them in time they will rejoin the main ink supply and be absorbed or in fall and winter will dry out too much and fail to germinate. April fools. :)