Sunday, February 25, 2018

"Is this a dagger which I see before me?"

I doubt that Macbeth had to feel guilty about killing a good sketch, but that quote came to mind as I prepared to use my "dagger."

The brush with the shorter tuft is called a dagger, a longer one (also made for watercolor) is called a sword and the very long tuft but shorter handle seen above is a dagger striper. I have had the latter for decades. It's usually used by sign painters and car paint detailers for long, thin lines.
Douglas Fir Pine Cones
See my Instagram feed for a quick video of how I use the dagger brush for creating soft edges for snow shadows,
Trying out a new bleed proof disposable fountain pen.
I think my ink started to freeze while sketching out in the cold today, but it was the only viewpoint that I wanted for my pine cone sketch for WorldWatercolorGroup prompts. I'm all out of sinc with the calender now, so I'm just having fun catching up. Three more days to finish the February daily drawing challenge!

How's it going for you?


  1. I have a Rosemary & Co dagger and I love that it can do almost anything! Hope you didn't get too cold in the snow. The weather has been so strange. Did you see that Rome had a snowstorm? They called in the army to clear the streets. lol

    1. Ha! The army! We don’t get that kind of support in our northern climes! I was just steps outside the warm studio so I could run indoors to keep from freezing. If the army had shown up, they probably would have blasted the snow and ice with flame throwers and ruined my subject. 😄