Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finished another 2-page spread in my Nature Journal on Periscope

I finally finished another two page spread in my nature journal from the Summer Watercolors in the North Cascades workshop that I taught June 16-18. I was hoping to visit a little with any of the participants who might drop in while I broadcast the demonstration of the deer and hummingbird. See the Flickr album here.

This time I used my iPhone and could see if people were logging on as well as any comments while broadcasting. Here's the finished two page spread after adding some narrative to the live demonstration on Periscope today.
The following photos show each stage of development that lead up to the final result.
The additional watercolors and a few headlines on today's 
I added pencil sketches of the deer to my 9 minute scope from last Wednesday. 
The page began with details about weather and a quick sketch before lunch of all the tech involved to get my presentation up and running. The presentation turned out great. And right on time!

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