Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Finished Sketchbook Pages for the 10x10 Workshop

Sketches from the morning session
I was recently honored to be a Seattle 10x10 instructor for the tenth anniversary series of urban sketchers workshops. My workshop took place in two sessions on May 20, 2017, morning from 9-12:00 noon and afternoon from 2-5pm. This is a "dual reportage" of the morning with personal observations as well as a report on the workshop itself from my viewpoint as the instructor.

From the morning session: I'm leaving the original pencil outlines of my modular layout pattern so students can see how I used (or ignored) them. I added color later to the original 3 sketches done on site and added narrative, headlines and ephemera to complete my montage.

I collected 3 pieces of ephemera for the morning: a business card with earthy image from Terra Plata, parking stub for the day, and part of one of the ID cards I made for students.

Sketches from the afternoon session
From the afternoon session: I ended up with more of a radial layout this time, ignoring most of my penciled in layout frames. Again, I'm combining my personal observations with reportage of the workshop.

I added three pieces of ephemera from the afternoon: my USk business card, partial card from one of my students' ID badge, the demo page from my spiral sketchbook with the actual demonstration sketches done on site for the afternoon class, glued on.

Thanks, everyone, for being such an inspiring group of students. It was great fun sharing a few tips and sketching our "sunny" city of Seattle with you!


  1. This looks like such a great workshop, Michele! Wish I could have been there. I hate that very often the ephemera we collect is on that lousy paper where the ink eventually disappears. It happened to my sketches done in Ireland where I added the receipts from several pubs.

    1. Thanks, Joan, for your kind words. I wish you could have been there, too! Yes, I know that those flimsy receipts we get for meals sometimes fade away. So disappointing about your pub receipts! So far my parking ticket stubs have remained readable.