Sunday, January 22, 2017

Workshop Announcement--Explore our city of Seattle

Urban sketching is a way to combine drawing and writing. We cultivate the ability to be in the moment while standing apart as an observer. Not only do we record our drawings, thoughts, and observations for ourselves, we then post them online to share with everyone. Our motto is "See the world one sketch at a time".

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Urban Sketchers, an unprecedented program of one day workshops is being offered in major cities worldwide. Each city will offer ten workshops by ten of the area's artist instructors.
I am honored to be among Seattle's USk instructors.

Come to Daniel Smith, Inc, in Seattle on Saturday, January 28, to meet all the instructors and a free preview.
11:00am to 1:30 pm
Join me on May 20 for my workshop on Visual Journaling, see details below

Registration and more information on all the workshops

Class 8 - Visual Journaling: Sketching a Montage - Michele Cooper
May 20, 2017
Two sessions:
A. 9:00am-12:00 noon
B. 2:00pm-5:00
Location: Starbucks Roastery at Melrose and Pike

Workshop Description
Sometimes the sketch location is more than a street view. It's often a collection of happenings; the sounds, the scents, the people, the weather and incidental details. There's much to explore: Melrose market, Starbucks Roastery building interior and exterior, Six Arms Pub, surrounding street views and signage. In this workshop you will learn how to combine drawing, writing, lettering and ephemera to capture your experience while on location.

During this workshop you will learn:
  • four basic layouts for composing the page
  • easy lettering tricks for headlines and narrative
  • how to make simple figures in just six brushstrokes 
  • how to combine multiple sketches with narrative and turn your observations into reportage. 
You will use/practice/refine these new skills in guided exercises on location.
Instructor will bring several examples of her sketchbooks in a variety of formats for inspiration and reference.

Transportation to Workshop Location: 
Melrose and Pike, Starbucks Roastery

Our location is the lively Melrose neighborhood on Capital Hill, just a 4 minute walk from Seattle Central College or 5 minutes on foot from the Washington State Convention Center.

For those visiting from out of town, you can easily get there on foot or by car, bus, uber or taxi. Check out this trip from Pike Place Market to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery - 1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA on @rome2rio:


  1. Yay! I have not yet registered but I plan to take your workshop!!

    1. Yay! Can't wait! We are going to have so much fun!
      PS Hurry. I hear there are on,y 4 spots left

  2. I was SO bummed when I saw that your workshop is scheduled for when I am in Italy! Drat! :-( Sounds wonderful!

    - Tina

    1. Well! You mean you're going to Italy instead of staying here to sketch with me?? Seriously, though, it would be great having you in my workshop but Italy isn't a bad substitute. Perhaps another time. :)